Author: dbernardini

  • Web Summit – November 2 – Pavillon 2 – B304

    Save the date! Come talk to us about automating the rest of manufacturing. #AI #Automation #Robotics #ComputerVision #SME #WebSummit

  • Our Mission

    Today automation relies on precise knowledge of the environment and on repeatable processes. This makes it hard for the majority of businesses to automate production. We founded Congivix to contribute to a solution. With our first product, Fieldview, we bring to the market a robust AI-based vision system that is easy to install and maintain […]

  • Cognivix raised 740k €

    Our plan for the development of Fieldview has been approved by Smart & Start Italia and we are now finalizing the details. We are now moving fast to create a new R&D center in Pescara. We are still open for investment. In case of interest contact us!