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Cognivix S.r.l. is excited to introduce Fieldview, a revolutionary vision system that uses state-of-the-art deep learning algorithms to increase automation reliability. Our automatic data acquisition system and robotic gripping technology help companies improve productivity, efficiency, and reduce costs and downtime.

Fieldview is a computer vision system for industrial robots that enables them to recognize and pick up new objects with high precision, even in high mix low volume production environments. It saves manufacturers time and resources by streamlining the process of training robots to handle new tasks, and offers a simple, automated way to transition from engineering to production.

Watch our short demo video to see Fieldview in action, and read on to learn more about how our technology is poised to transform the manufacturing industry.

Our Technology

Cognivix’s Fieldview system is a revolutionary technology that brings the benefits of automation to small-scale production. Traditional automation solutions are often not practical or cost-effective for small-scale production, but Fieldview’s vision and training station make data acquisition and labeling fast and accessible to unskilled personnel.

Fieldview has a wide range of applications throughout the production chain, but Cognivix is initially focusing on two processes: bin picking and assembly. Bin picking involves taking items from a container or bin and placing them on a conveyor belt or in the appropriate location for further processing. This can be challenging with objects that have complex shapes, especially if they have unusual surfaces, materials, or weights that make it difficult to use magnetic or pneumatic tools.

Fieldview’s innovative solution is capable of solving these problems and performs well in both low-light and bright conditions. Its reliability in cluttered and uncontrolled environments makes it ideal for use in mixed human-robot environments, which are common in small production lines.

Cognivix has applied for a patent for the Fieldview system and has already received 740k in funding from the Smart and Start Italia program to turn the prototype into a product. The company has also established partnerships with leading manufacturers, such as FANUC, and has validated its business model with annual subscriptions starting at €12,000 for the vision system for one robot.

Market Analysis

The global automation market is valued at around $200 billion and is growing at an annual rate of 5%. Automation is particularly popular in industries with high volumes and stable production, such as the automotive industry, as it allows for the automation of repetitive tasks and increases efficiency while reducing labor costs.

The machine vision market for robotics in manufacturing applications is estimated to be worth between 20-30 billion euros. There are approximately 10 million factories worldwide, with an average of 100 employees per factory. Assuming that 10% of these factories have processes automated with next-generation machine vision systems, and that each of these factories could employ an additional 10 robots and 10 vision systems to automate these processes, the market could be valued at approximately 30 billion euros in annual revenue from computer vision licenses.

This market is largely untapped, as recent developments in technology have only just made it possible for robots to manipulate complex objects with precision. Additionally, as artificial intelligence research continues to advance, the market is likely to continue growing.


The competitive landscape in the field of AI-driven robotics is dominated by university spin-offs that are bringing research results to industry and are expected to experience significant growth in the coming years. Most companies in this space have primarily focused on the warehousing and logistics sector, where the generalization of pick and place tasks is more straightforward than in factory assembly stages, which are still largely manual processes.

Cognivix’s Fieldview system is well-positioned to compete in this market with its innovative approach to automating the grasping of complex objects in small-scale production environments. Its patented data acquisition and labeling technology, combined with its reliability and ease of use, make it a valuable asset for manufacturers looking to increase efficiency and reduce costs.


Daniele Bernardini
Giorgio Calapà
Francesco Scalise
VP Sales
Prof. Marco Caccamo
Scientific Advisor
Dr. Leonardo Tassini
Industrial Advisor


Cognivix is currently in the process of raising 500k € at a valuation of 2.5M €. The funds will be used to supplement the support we have already received from the Smart & Start Italia program and secure a 2-year runway to achieve product-market fit.

Our goal is to bring Fieldview, our innovative computer vision system for industrial robots, to market and help manufacturers increase efficiency, reduce costs, and streamline the process of training robots to handle new tasks. We believe that Fieldview has the potential to transform the manufacturing industry and are seeking the necessary funding to bring it to fruition.


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